Award: $1,000 per scholarship

Terms of Reference:

The scholarships are offered for achievement to those students who have completed one full year of university/college level courses, have attained a minimum academic average of 65% or 2.5 grade average and are enrolled as a second-year student at a Canadian University or College.


Nominees must be children of RDC’s Member Company (in good standing) employees and be continuing and registered in an education program at a Canadian university or college for the Fall of 2018. The Student’s transcript must demonstrate a minimum academic average of 65% or 2.5/4.0 for the last two post-secondary semesters.

Student Must Include:
  • Scholarship Application;
  • Covering Letter / request from the student,
    outlining the reason for applying and career
  • Unofficial transcript of the student’s
    academic record.

About RDC Scholarships

Since 2011, the Responsible Distribution Canada has awarded over $21,000.00 in scholarship grants to ambitious students studying at a Canadian University or College.  Over the past few years, the amount of applications have increased and we continue to see a Nation-wide interest. The scholarship program is a benefit of membership and we encourage each member company to participate by communicating the opportunity internally and with all their employees.

To be an eligible candidate, the applicant must have been enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary educational institute (with a passing grade) and be a child of an employee at any one of our member companies. The names of the applicants who meet the criteria are entered in a lottery draw and announced at the RDC Annual General Meeting.  The scholarship information is typically released in the Spring of the given year and sent to the Executive Contacts / Human Resource Contacts within our member company database.

If you would like to learn more about our scholarship program or would like to be added to the e-listing, please contact Suzanne Provost  905.332.8777 ext.27 at the RDC head office.

RDC Article

I am honoured to have received an educational scholarship from RDC in the summer of 2015. Entering my second year of business studies, at Western University, I had learned how to juggle my courses, and extra curricular activities. However, there was one area in which I needed help—financing my degree. With two other siblings also pursuing their degrees, one in architecture at Waterloo and the other in classical studies at Waterloo, the family budget was being spread thin.

My father, Scott Coleman, who has been associated with the RDC/ CACD for more than 25 years, brought this scholarship to my attention. Having come across an opportunity to alleviate some financial stress, I was thrilled. I applied, and hoped for the best.

Ironically enough, the day before I heard back regarding the scholarship, I was painstakingly budgeting out my academic year. Needless to say, money was going to be tight. When a large envelope came in the mail from the CACD (now RDC), I could hardly believe the timing.

It has now been seven months since I received the scholarship, and I can assure you that every penny went to good use. I spent the majority of the money on textbooks, and a portion on tuition. For the sake of balance I spent about thirty dollars of the scholarship on a night out with some friends.

The scholarship money from RDC made a tremendous difference in my academic year. Without the constant stress of making ends meet financially, I was able to dedicate more time and energy towards academics and other activities. I am immensely grateful for this award, and highly encourage other students to apply.

Julianna Coleman
Western University
Business Management Organization Studies

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