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Reasons to Join the Association

One Voice – Strength In Numbers

RDC’s members cooperate with each other for the better good opposite issue of common concern, improvement of safety for the chemical distribution sector of the Canadian chemical industry.

RDC has forged strong relationships with allied groups both domestically and internationally.  These ensure that Canada shares its knowledge to assist others, while getting help and guidance in return.

  • ANIQ (Asociacion Nacional de la Industria Quimica en Mexico)
  • Associquim (Brazilian Chemical Association)
  • CCCMC (Chemical Distributor Association in China)
  • CERCA (Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance)
  • CIAC (Chemistry Industry Association of Canada)
  • CPCA (Canadian Paint & Coatings Association)
  • CCSPA (Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association)
  • FECC (European Association for Chemical Distributors)
  • ICCTA (International Council of Chemical Traders Association)
  • NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors in USA)
  • RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

Annual Financial Survey

Survey of Financial & Operating Information ~ The Power of Information!

Would you like to obtain key information on your industry? Would you like to benchmark your company against the best in the industry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the “Survey of Financial & Operating Information” is for you!

What is the investment required?  

The cost of the survey is already included in your membership fee. There is no additional cost.  The only investment required is time to collect the information and complete the survey (low compared with the value of that information). Also, please note that the information is held in confidence with an independent accounting firm.

The survey provides detailed information in the following categories:

  • Situation of the Economy and of the Industry
  • Balance Sheet (ROE, ROA, Asset Turnover, Debt/Equity, etc.)
  • Asset Management (DSO, Inventory turns, Days of Payable Outstanding, etc.)
  • Profitability (ROS, GP/Sales, Sales/Inventory, etc.)
  • Expense Control (Expenses/sales, Expenses/GP, etc.)
  • Staff Deployment (Info/sales staff, info/total employees, etc.)
  • Salary Information (per category of position)
  • Trend Data

Audit Reductions

With successful RD Verification your Company could get reductions (time and financial) for the following audits:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Responsible Care
  • RC14001
  • Alberta COR Audit
  • Saskatchewan environmental audits
  • Chemical supplier audits
  • And more
Verifications completed since 1996

RDC Scholarships

Since 2011, RDC has awarded over $21,000.00 in scholarship grants to ambitious students studying at a Canadian University or College.  Over the past few years, the amount of applications have increased and we continue to see a Nation-wide interest. The scholarship program is a benefit of membership and we encourage each member company to participate by communicating the opportunity internally and with all their employees.

To be an eligible candidate, the applicant must have been enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary educational institute (with a passing grade) and be a child of an employee at any one of our member companies.

The names of the applicants who meet the criteria are entered in a lottery draw and announced at the RDC Annual General Meeting.  The scholarship information is typically released in the Spring of the given year and sent to the Executive Contacts / Human Resource Contacts within our member company database.

If you would like to learn more about our scholarship program or would like to be added to the e-listing, please contact Suzanne Provost T.905.332.8777 ext.27 at the RDC head office.

Commercial Benefits

Products supplied by RD qualified companies are packaged, inventoried and shipped in full conformance with all Canadian regulations.  For the customer this means:

  • Products, packages and labels that meet established specifications & standards thus ensuring uniformity and use-ability
  • Packaging and logistic standards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transportation equipment that meets all government regulations equipped with drivers properly trained & certified in the handling of chemical products
  • Consistent product quality
  • Risk prevention programs
  • Commercial, site and transportation security issues are addressed
  • Emergency awareness
  • Cost savings

Resources & Tools

Here are a FEW of our available Resources and Tools:

  • Responsible Distribution (RD) vs. ISO Matrix (an online tool designed to assist members with identifying the similarities and gaps between each program, making it easier to fulfill the requirements).
  • Self Assessments (a library of check lists available to member companies to assist with internal assessments of customers, carriers, rail, warehouses and others)
  • Information Bulletins (a library of guidelines developed to support member companies with RD compliance)
  • Weekly Regulatory Newsletter (a communication piece designed to keep our members, supplier partners, and association affiliates up to date on Canadian regulations)
  • Information Guide (online resource to assist member’s in developing their RD manual and train new employees)
  • website (a web based tool created to support emergency responders in making fact driven decisions and assist member companies with internal training)
  • RDC Staff – we are here to help you.  If you have a question or need assistance, please contact our office.


If you need something specific that is not listed here, please call our office and speak with Catherine Wieckowska – 905.332.8777 x 24.


Communication Opportunities

As a Member or Affiliate Company of RDC, you can take advantage of the following Communication Opportunities:

  • Publication of press releases, company news or employee news in the highly regarded Chemunicator at no cost (circulates 3 x times per year),
  • Advertise in the Chemunicator with lower rates and optimal magazine positioning,
  • Market a job opportunity within your company on the RDC website at a discounted rate,
  • Convey a special program or promotional offering through RDC e-communications, and
  • Take advantage of discounted event sponsorships.

For more information on all or any of the above opportunities, please contact Catherine Wieckowska at (905)332-8777 x 24.

Regulatory Assistance

Canada is a world leader in so many areas.  One of these is in chemical regulations protecting Canadians, the country and the environment.

RDC’s members manage no less than three hundred & twenty (320) federal and provincial regulations. Thankfully, through the support of expertise in the industry, allied associations and Manager Regulatory and Government Affairs, RDC’s members get the necessary assistance required.

Being a part of the Association helps you through some of this. 

Why not take advantage of this offer? Join RDC today.

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ICC Royalties



Rebate from ICC The Compliance Center:
RDC’s members who purchase services and products from ICC are automatically part of a rebate program

Why not take advantage of this offer? Join RDC today. 

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