Board of Directors

Anna-DerkachAnna Derkach

RDC Chair

Frank-DempseyFrank Dempsey

RDC Vice Chair
Dempsey Corp.

Garry Moore

RDC Secretary Treasurer

Patrick-HaineaultPatrick Haineault

RDC Immediate Past Chair
Brenntag Canada Inc.

David-LucianiDavid Luciani

RDC Past Chair
Min-Chem Canada Inc.

Cathy Campbell

RDC President

Marissa Cutts

RDC Director
Anchem Sales

Kathie-TaylorKathie Taylor

RDC Director
Charles Tennant & Co.

Philip-ZerrPhilip Zerr

RDC Director
Quadra Chemicals Ltd.

Chris Halberg

RDC Director
Univar Solutions

Chris Machin

RDC Director
Andicor Specialty Products

Jean-Pierre (JP) Pelchat

RDC Director
Azelis Americas

The Board of Directors is responsible for developing and fostering the Strategic Plan of the Association.